Red Bull Helicopter – Aaron Fitzgerald

Aaron grew up in Wenatchee – which is home to a USFS Tanker base – watching airplanes and helicopters overhead as they fought fires in the surrounding mountains. Seeing these aircraft in the skies all summer instilled in him a strong desire to fly. Aaron has primarily focused on flying for the film and television industry, but has also flown in various other capacities such as utility flying in mountainous terrain and offshore support. He has been part of the helicopter team since 2018 and is representing Red Bull in the USA as an airshow-pilot for helicopter aerobatics at the Red Bull North-America.

The BO105 is the only helicopter fit for aerobatics to this day, with many more tricks up its sleeve. It was in 1963 that the MBB Company began toying with the idea of building a helicopter in the 2 tonne class. It was based on a fascinating idea that would revolutionise rotor systems and create a brand new type of aircraft.

In 1966 the first tests with a hingeless rotor system began successfully. As innovative materials were key, titanium was used for the main rotor and rotor blades were fitted with glassreinforced plastic. These blades are practically made for eternity and their extreme flexibility allowed the construction of a hinge-less rotor system. It was easier to maintain, kept vibration to a minimum and offered previously unknown maneuverability.

As the first light helicopter in the world, the BO105 was fitted with two engines, dual hydraulics as well as dual electric supply. These innovations paved the way for aerobatics. The BO105 is still the only helicopter that can perform the same manoeuvres as conventional planes. The maiden flight took place in February 1967, and two years later, the first BO105 models were delivered to the German army.

Aaron Fitzgerald

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