Thrilling audiences for over 70 years, the iconic U.S. Navy Blue Angels fly six powerful F/A-18 Hornet fighter jets during their tightly choreographed, high-energy demonstration.

The newest generation of C-130 Hercules

These hometown favorites will be showing off some Kansas City magic!

See one of the best - if not THE best - fighter from WWII live!


Don't miss this Allied aircraft soar through the skies!

This awe-inspiring aircraft sparks conversations to educate young and old alike!

This Warhawk has seen some incredible action and still flies to tell about it!

Aviation runs in the blood of this KC area family!

Matt will be back to put on another one-of-a-kind performance!

It’s safe to say you’ve probably never seen anything like this!

The BO105 is the only helicopter fit for aerobatics to this day, with many more tricks up its sleeve.

These North American AT-6 Texans will have you smiling ear to ear!

Rob pushes the limits of aerobatics, and you don’t want to miss it!

Kirby transferred his explosive, aggressive flying style to the racetrack and is now a two-time Red Bull Air Race World Champion.

He started young, and he’s been bringin’ it stronger and stronger ever since!

He’s one of the most known air show pilots in the world today for a reason!

The Red Bull Skydive Team – consisting of four exceptionally gifted aerial acrobats - show which possibilities the playground of the third dimension offers.

See the earth be scorched by the flames and power of the world’s fastest Jet Truck!

Award-winning Rob Reider brings added expertise and personality to the air show experience!

Wayne Boggs is recognized as one of the top air show air bosses in North America!

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