Exclusive KCAS Interview with Jeff Boerboon

"You guys really have something here." Jeff Boerboon couldn't have been happier hearing those words from test pilot Len Fox back in 2017, as he returned from the first test flight in Jeff's vision-brought-to-life: the Yak 110.

Jeff is a man with an incredible passion for aviation, but needs his curiosity peaked on a regular basis. "I don't like doing the same thing over and over," he admitted. "To date, I've flown over 250 different kinds of aircraft. I even flew three different airplanes at one air show." In addition, he was helped in his decision on which airline he would work for based on them having different types of planes for him to pilot. So it's no surprise that someone with this much interest in trying new things would eventually create something that no one’s ever seen.

The Yak 110 concept was conceived many years ago, as Jeff thought about his Yak 55 sitting next to friend Chad Bartee's Yak 55 during a visit down in Texas. When Jeff finally presented the idea of combining the two planes to Chad, he was a believer in Jeff's vision - even while being skeptical of how it would go.

His belief far outweighed any uncertainty, though, and Chad utilized his company Fat Tire Cowboys to help make Jeff's dream a reality. This also included Chad using his own plane. Chad's Yak 55 is the other half of the Yak 110, making this the only aircraft of its type in the entire world.

The Yak 55 lent itself to this type of design based on factors such as being virtually symmetrical - the same upside down as it is right side up. And the wings are very easily removed, making the combining of the two much easier than it would have been with most aircraft. They were also able to keep some of the old Russian display controls in place, as the history of both planes is very important to everyone involved.

Jeff’s initial vision and Chad’s backing were all brought together through the custom aviation expertise of Dell Coller. Dell is the master builder and maintainer of another plane Jeff had flown at air shows - the 1929 replica taper wing Jet Waco. He worked with Jeff and Chad to help make this innovative dream a reality.

"It turned out exactly the way I dreamt it many years ago," reminisces Jeff. His respect and admiration for his team that helped build it is obvious. And his excitement to bring it to the KC Air Show presented by Garmin for the first time is clear. But should we expect this seeker of new adventures to be satisfied with only this creation forever? He chuckles and says, "We have a LOT more ideas coming. Stay tuned."

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