Static Displays and Rides

Many of the aircraft on display at the KC Air Show offer pleasure rides either prior to or after the daily schedule of the KC Air Show. For those offering rides you will see a link that will take you directly to the group offering rides for each aircraft. Anyone purchasing a ride on any of these aircraft will be expected to have an air show ticket if flying on either Friday or Saturday. Rides booked on Monday will not require an air show ticket. Please make sure you use the links provided as there are many scammers out in our world that will try and trick you to go to a non- authorized website.

Be sure to check back over the next few weeks, we'll be adding more displays and rides soon!

B-17, also called the Flying Fortress, was a U.S. heavy bomber used during World War II. The B-17 was designed by the Boeing Aircraft Company in response to a 1934 Army Air Corps specification that called for a four-engined bomber at a time when two engines were the norm.

The Ford Tri-Motor (nicknamed the “Tin Goose”) is an American three-engined transport aircraft. Production started in 1925 by the companies of Henry Ford and ended on June 7, 1933. A total of 199 Ford Trimotors were made.

This 1955 Aero Commander L-26B is nicknamed "Ike's Bird".

From 1955 to 1960 it was used by the Eisenhower Administration and the White House to carry the President, Vice President, First Family and other VIP's on short distance trips. It is the smallest plane ever to be used as Air Force One.

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